Peak Fitness provides a complete range of personal training and fitness services including:

Personal Training

Are you having trouble getting the results you want? We offer several specialties to help you reach your unique goals, including:

  • Weight Management
  • Weight Loss
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Sports Performance
  • Post Rehab Strength Training

Group Fitness

All Group Fitness Classes are included in a Peak Fitness Membership, or $12 for non-members on a drop in basis.

  • Beginning Yoga
  • Beginning/Intermediate Yoga
  • Ladies HIIT
  • Intensity Training for Women
  • Lunch Crunch
  • Zumba


The TPT program at Peak Fitness is designed for First Responders or anyone with an active lifestyle. Our TSAC program will prepare participants for the unique demands these groups encounter on the job, or in the real world. Our TPT program is evidence based and designed using concepts in exercise science. No previous experience necessary or required. Come have fun!

Youth Fitness

Our Youth Performance Training program prioritizes correct patterns of movement, coordination, and body control to focus on running mechanics, coordinated athletic movements, dynamic stability and relative strength. Furthermore, our youth program will help children develop the necessary athletic and purposeful skills to positively affect their future traditional and non-traditional athletic and life endeavors.  


The focus of the SilverSneakers® program at Peak Fitness is to help you with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Do you ever have trouble climbing stairs, carrying bags or boxes, standing up from a seated position, opening a jar or turning around to see when you back up your car? Our specifically designed classes can help you maintain or in some cases, regain lost mobility, strength and balance.